Here we have for sale a set of 5 range rover sport stormer 2  20" alloys in black.These are genuine wheels bought from the land rover main dealers with 275/60/20 cooper leon tyres. They have been fitted to a land rover defender and come with 5 twisted performance wheel adaptors and a full set of range rover wheel nuts. There is also a spare tyre too. These wheels and tyres are ready to fit to any defender and the wheels,tyres,adaptors and wheel nuts cost circa £3500. So all in all there is 5 wheels and tyres (spare has never been on the road), 5 wheel adaptors,23 wheel nuts and a spare tyre. £1,500.00


  • 20"

  • 275/60/20 tyres

Land Rover Defender / Range Rover genuine stormer 2 20” Alloy wheels £1,500.00